The present ideas listed here are good for toddlers all the way up to 10 year olds. The guide includes games the whole family can enjoy together, newly released games for 2017 and a fair bit of Peppa Pig thrown in 🙂

All presents are linked in their titles, taking you to where you can buy them but you may find that they are cheaper on Amazon, Argos or similar depending on what offers currently running.

Xmas gift guide


The discovery Planetarium features a light up globe of the star constellations that projects onto the walls and ceiling. It includes an amazing CD which you can use to trace stars, planets and constellations and listen to a commentary about the galaxy.

Sylvanian families ballet theatre 

This exciting building is packed full of fun and clever features – The rotating dance floor provides the perfect space for your dancers to practice their moves as you turn the handle, and the theatre has music speakers installed. The large double doors provide a grand entrance to the building on performance nights, and there’s even a ticket window at the front. You have reversible scenery, reversible floor decoration, and even traditional red stage curtains!!

Aquabeads beginners studio 

The Beginners Studio comes complete with 840 beads in 12 colours, with a handy place to store all the beads, a bead peeler, and template sheets as well as a bead pen and sprayer. Suitable for those who have just begun their Aqua beading.


Perfect for your little scientists to take a closer look at the night sky. This telescope includes an adaptor for you to attach your smartphone to the top of the telescope. Then you can download the Star Walk app to your phone and start exploring the galaxy. The smartphone will automatically recognise the stars and the planets that are being viewed through the telescope.

Xmas gift guide

Peppa Pig Caravan

The Campervan features all sorts of games to help with learning letters and words. Move the slider across the top to select from eight spelling games – find the missing letter, choose the word that begins with a letter, or repeat what Peppa says – there are a variety of fun ways to learn. With easy-to-press light-up keys and melodies, the Alphaphonics Campervan is sure to excite and inspire little ones to learn.

Creepy Hand

This is based on the famous game ‘Truth or Dare’, and it will surprise everyone! Indeed, a hand (actual size) moves around the table in small circles. It will stop randomly and its finger will point at one of the players. He or she has to choose whether to take a truth or dare question. If he or she does not complete the mission successfully, he or she must face an extra forfeit challenge, written at the bottom of the card.

Lots of excitement where children will love to be pointed at!


A fast and exciting game for the whole family, Wait for one of the unique sounds coming from the APP and SLAM the card that matches the sound. Everyone is trying to grab the same cards and the APP plays new sounds at short intervals.

Peppa Pig Microphone

Join Peppa with the Sing & Learn Microphone, which features real voice amplifier and 7 songs from the TV show, including Wheels on the Bus, Big Balloon and Peppa Pig’s theme song. Then sing without Peppa’s help, using the karaoke mode. There’s also a quiz mode – answer the questions using the right and wrong buttons on the mic.

Xmas gift guide

Orchard Toys what a performance

An exciting family board game – have fun performing noises, actions and gestures for other players to guess! Pretend to be a parrot or make a noise like a siren. If you can’t, use the Magic Decoder and reveal your hidden forfeit!!

Suitable for ages 5+ and 2 or more players.

Beat the flush

Put on one of the coloured headbands and attach the magnetic wand to it. Ready? It’s now a race against the clock to collect the coloured magnetic critters around the toilet, and flick them into the bowl using the launcher. Get in as many as you can before the time runs out and the toilet sprays water everywhere !!

Blast box

A game of skill, daring & courage for 2 or more players. Take a turn with the Balloon Blast Spinner & drive that amount of nails into the combustible Blast Box. Be careful – one wrong move & you’re out of the game! Play continues until only one player remains. Great fun to play with friends and family.

Orchard toys Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys Game – a fun game of chance for all the family to enjoy! The game helps develop counting and gameplay skills, and the 3D tree adds an exciting dimension to it.

Suitable for 2-4 players, ages 4-8.

Xmas gift guide

Pepper Pig Playmat

Specially designed to encourage children to get active whilst having fun, and learning at the same time. The four fun modes include ‘Peppa Says’, a numbers game, ‘Where is? ‘ and a singalong mode. Choose a play mode, follow the instructions and have hours of fun! The play mat helps with coordination, memory, number and colour recognition.


This is the nerve-wracking bead-stacking game. Each player receives an equal number of white beads. Then, take turns, stacking beads one by one into the coloured cluster…watch as it shakes…shimmers…and slowly separates!

Keep a steady hand and hold your nerve! One slip or a bead in the wrong spot and you’ll bring the lot crashing down!!

Name that

Put all the cards on a pile, read the category of the first card and then quickly find a word that begins with the letter shown on the next card. The first player to call out the word wins the card! The winner is the one with the most cards at the end of the game.

Thousands of combinations are possible… each game play is different! (3 difficulty levels)

Mr Tumble learning pad

The Mr Tumble Learning Pad is an ideal toy for any fan of the programme – it combines recognising colours, letters, numbers and musical instruments with the lovely Mr Tumble and his friends.

An interactive and fun learning toy.