Product reviews don’t feature on the site very often…if I review something, it’s because I have a genuine need/interest for the product in the first place, ensuring that the write up that comes afterwards is authentic.

Whilst pregnant, we had the chance to review a couple of travel systems. I decided to decline as we had kept our Quinny from when Bella was little and we loved it. My mum cleaned it (thanks Mum) and it came up like new, and I didn’t really fancy having to write about travel systems when Penny would have been just a tinker tot. 

However, this summer I knew we would need a lightweight buggy that would be robust enough to withstand airport baggage handlers, light enough to carry whenever required, but that would also feel secure enough to hold my little butter bean safely and comfortably. 

Within a couple of months it would need to come with me to Cornwall, Italy (on my own with the girls) and then our family holiday to Greece.


After having now used the Ickle Bubba Aurora all summer, I am confidently able to say that if you are looking for a lightweight stroller that travels well, this one is a winner. 

When we first opened it,  my husband wasn’t convinced. He thought it was so lightweight that it mightn’t stand the test of time. 

After traipsing around Santorini for three days and nights (a significant amount of the time with it on his back) he now thinks differently… yes it is lightweight but it’s also well made, skilfully designed, incredibly practical & reliable. 

When searching for a stroller we hoped to be able to find one that I would be able to use one-handed, specifically thinking about when I would be at both Stansted and Perugia airports on my own. 

Type into Google ‘one-handed folding action stroller’ and the Ickle Bubba Aurora is the first picture to pop up.

The above is quite a big claim for a brand to make about a stroller. As a 5ft 2, uncoordinated Mama not exactly known for remaining as cool as a cucumber in a stressful situations, (say for example airport travel on my own with 2 children), I knew that if I could do it, then it really has been designed so that anybody can. 

True to it’s word, the Ickle Bubba Aurora is fab at being able to handle and manoeuvre with ease, and this makes it a great choice for travel.

It has a simplicity in it’s design which is appealing. A nice little pocket on the back for phone/suntan lotion/drink etc. A sizeable basket underneath that we could fit our family beach bag in, and Roy’s personal favourite… a carry bag.

A carry bag that meant we could fold up the buggy and he could chuck it over his shoulder as we explored the veeerrrrry uneven terrain of the beautiful Santorini.

This is a picture of us making our way towards Red Beach whilst in Santorini. For a man who’s just had to climb (climb might be a bit of an exaggeration but it was fairly steep) for 20 minutes already carrying the buggy on his back (and the 2 other big bags that are not in shot) he looks fairly happy.


And to be fair, he was. I carried the butter bean, Bella was fine on her own & Daddy took his role of packhorse very seriously.  As any good packhorse will tell you… the carriers are very important. The carrier provided with the Ickle Bubba Aurora meant that we were able to travel around with relative ease. To quote him, “The buggy isn’t an issue at all… it’s the rest of your crap!”

After a while we got used to the sympathetic glances from all the honeymooning couples and just felt grateful that we had a decent buggy that took seconds to pop up and pop down, allowing us to not look like a family of travelling buffoons at every given opportunity.

I would go as far as to say that we almost looked like we knew what we were doing. Yes a baby carrier would have been easier on the way down… but when you reach the beautiful restaurant and you both want to enjoy your wine & dinner, having a stroller that reclines flat so that babe can sleep makes our way triumphant 🙂

Over the last 3 months the stroller has been put to the test in the following situations…

  • Airport Travel – as above.
  • Beach travel – no stroller is at it’s best when being dragged along the beach but because the Aurora is so lightweight it did make it less of an ordeal.
  • Chucked into the boot of a very tiny car with a full food shop on top of it.
  • Chucked into the boot of a bigger car with enough luggage to relocate.
  • Dragged up and down hotel steps when the queue for the lift was too long.
  • At the mercy of a 6 year old. A hotel complex is the perfect space for a big sister to push a little sister around. As the stroller is so light and easy to manoeuvre, Bella really enjoyed whizzing around the grounds getting Penny to sleep (the stroller can be easily adjusted from anywhere between a lie flat to the usual upright seated position, so can be used from newborn onwards)
  • At the mercy of Hereklion airport – when Bella was simply too tired to walk anymore as we tried to navigate our way through this frankly ridiculous airport, she ended up sat in the buggy with her hand luggage on her lap. At this point I didn’t have much choice other than to carry Penny rugby ball style under my arm (Daddy was carrying the other 4 cases… he wasn’t just meandering along macchiato in hand). BUT despite the extra weight and baby handicap I was still able to twist and turn through the airport one handed with ease.

*** the above is definitely NOT an official recommendation on how best to use the product! Weight limit for the stroller is 15k or up to 3 years. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and our sunshine yellow Ickle Bubba did not let us down.

Penny-in-ickle-bubbaOn that, I am very glad we opted for the sunshine yellow colour as people saw us coming, the cheerful wheels and hood alerted folks to our presence and sympathetic faces and gracious shuffling out of our way, was what followed. 

This is not the cheapest nor the most expensive stroller out there. With Bella we opted for an all singing, all dancing alternative brand, but for the extra £100 quid we spent  it didn’t actually offer any extra singing or dancing. It was also heavier and harder to transport.

The Aurora is reasonably priced at £125.00. This is value for money, as for that you will get a reliable stroller designed to withstand the frantic manhandling that generally goes alongside travelling with kids.

I haven’t got a little video of me opening and closing the stroller & pushing it around the garden as I would look silly and this would be a distraction from the buggy itself. 

Nor have I really got any pictures of the stroller in action as buggy’s do not tend to make good backdrops for holiday pics BUT I am genuinely a massive fan of this little stroller, (…and my husband is too.) 

A Mama needs good tools to help her get through the day to day business of mothering, and this one is an absolute cracker.  

Here are a few other tech specs that I wasn’t able to seamlessly drop into the write up…

  • Lightweight frame – 5.5kgs
  • Compact fold – L64cm x W40cm x H21cm
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Rain cover included
  • Upright Dimensions – Width (wheel to wheel) = 40cm, Height (floor to handle) = 102cm

The Ickle Bubba Aurora is available to buy from their website for £125.00, or apparently anywhere else for less money (!) such as Kiddicare for £115.00 or Tesco priced the same.

**We were sent the Ickle Bubba Aurora for the purposes of review.