We have an Elf that comes to live with us on the 1st December every year until Christmas Eve. Our Elf is named Elf the Elf Twinkle Toes Silsby, brought to us by the wonderful Elf on the Shelf  tradition. If you are thinking of starting a Christmas tradition with your little ones I would highly recommend this.

When Elf the Elf Twinkle Toes flies home on Christmas Eve, and after the excitement of Christmas fades, we all start to miss the magic and mischief of Elf the Elf. Bella honestly and truly believes with all of her little heart that we have adopted an elf from the North Pole. She also believes in equal measure that fairies are real. Not for much longer though I imagine. At the moment she tells anyone and everyone that we have an Elf, and now happily shares that we have a Fairy as well. If Bella had been born one week later she would have started school a whole year later… that is another 12 months of guaranteed make believe and magic…As it is I have to squeeze as much as I possibly can in now, before the wide eyed innocence (and gullibility) fades away.

For that reason when I discovered the Magic Door Store and these beautiful little fairy doors I excitedly bought one knowing that Bella would 100% believe that this little door can only mean one thing… we now have a Fairy that can visit us!

The little door arrived and I kept it safely hidden. The next day I told Bella that I had just been taught the very secret fairy spell by Nanny and that if she wanted to, we could go out and hunt for the special ingredients to make the fairy potion. I explained that if we cast the spell and made the wish properly, then when we woke up the next day there should be a sign that a little fairy is now able to visit us.

After school we went on our very special mission to hunt for the right ingredients. After an hour of foraging around the village, we came home, added some final magical touches (love hearts and glitter) gave it a big final stir, and then made our fairy wish to the sky. Bella then wrote out a little card to go alongside the potion reading ‘Dear Fairy Keepers… Please may we have a little fairy to come and visit us? Lots of love Mummy, Daddy & Bella’

She went to bed that night nearly as excited as on Christmas Eve. She whispered to me that she was so excited she didn’t think she would be able to sleep. The next morning she bounced out of bed and announced ‘Its fairy day’. She raced around the house and eventually found tucked behind the spare bedroom door the little magic fairy door. The magic door needed no explaining. She knew that this is how Rainbow Silsby would come and see us when she wanted to visit. I told her that if she wants to pass a message onto Rainbow Silsby all she has to do is whisper it to the fairy door and her secrets will be heard by Rainbow in Fairyland.

My husband thinks that I a) have a habit of making things unnecessarily difficult for myself (those who have Elf on the Shelf may also have felt the pressure of finding new and exciting hiding places each evening!!) and b) that I have a tendency to overcompensate for Bella not having a little brother or sister (yet).He’s right, I know he is, but I also know that it may only be a matter of months during which I can enjoy penmanship as Rainbow Silsby, with a little believer in the family, so I plan to make the most of them.

You can get these beautiful little Fairy Doors from the Magic Door Store.