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Welcome to Country Mummy and thank you for visiting the site. We hope that you enjoy looking around the site, and that you find it both entertaining and informative. We also hope that it will make your life just that little bit easier! If the content included on Country Mummy is of benefit and/or interest to you, we really would be very grateful if you could please share us with friends, family and all your social networks and help to support our efforts to champion the families, businesses and charities of Somerset & beyond. 

Country Mummy would like to give you the opportunity to

  • Find great deals
  • Get ideas for days out
  • Get ideas for days in
  • Find relevant and up to date local information great for families 
  • Be inspired by other people’s stories
  • Get hints and tips from some of the very best
  • Market your business and raise awareness of the things you feel passionate about

It does not want to

  • Patronise you -we know you know about these places, but for the new mums, recently moved mums, visiting mums and dads left in charge for a week (!) we would like it to be of benefit.
  • Mislead you –This website has been created by a snap-happy mum who likes to visit new places with her family and share her experiences with like-minded people. It is a work in progress.
  • Alienate you – If you are not a mummy from the country we would still love to be your BFF.

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